Baden bath’s luxury DVD bathtub to soak with on-screen entertainment

If you want to pamper yourself and are feeling too lazy to step outside for a spa trip, then Baden bath has come up with a DVD bathtub for your comfort and luxury. The bathtub has a built-in DVD player, digital stereo system with remote control, and mini wine bar, which basically ensures that you have a complete personal entertainment system right in your bathroom! Priced at $12,700, the bathtub measures at 6.25 feet in length and width, and around two feet in depth. Having a wide headrest for your comfort, the bathtub has a faucet with 10 jet spas that can be adjusted or detached as per your convenience.

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It’s perfect for some solitary time with yourself or spending intimate moments with your special someone. And the best part is that the DVD Bathtub is self-cleaning! Talk about spoiling yourself!