BainUltra Temazkal Shower- an amazing experience

The days when we used to take a quick shower are soon going to become a practice of the past. What with the advent of so many luxurious experiences for a simple shower, we all are soon going to succumb to the temptations this home-spas offer. Adding to the list of temptations is the BainUltra Temazkal Shower. Offering a three-way relaxation therapy, the shower is fitted with Thermotherapy that uses a dry heat system to stimulate metabolism and relax and soothe the body. Luminotherapy uses intense light to help synchronize your internal clock and alleviate the effects of various disorders. The most promising therapy is the Aromatherapy that diffuses the essential oils into the air, aiding digestion and the scents simply make you feel good! Essentially a good product makes good use of slate tiles instead of acrylic walls. With the sensible use of Cabreuva wood, the shower is quite easy to maintain

The practical dimensions of 42” W x 42” D x 96” H make it easy to install in most bathrooms.

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