Bathe in the rain or a waterfall, right inside your luxury bathroom

Want to enjoy a rain dance in your luxurious bathroom? The very thought is tempting, isn’t it? Then you have to check out the Jaclo’s spa collection, which also has addition features like chromatherapy. A few highlights of the collection:
The Aquavolo Duetto is a stainless steel showerhead fixture doubling as a waterfall shower and a rain shower, depending on which side you tilt the showerhead. Then there’s the Lumiere Circolare Rain Canopy which is a patterned semi-transparent cover in different designs and colors to fit in with your bathroom decor. Another Dream Light Rain Canopy features LED lights that illuminates falling water in white, blue, amber, red, green or warm white hued lights. And finally the York Column Ensemble which is a bathroom upgrade having a sleek rectangular shape and several rain spray options. Moreover the entire fixtures range including showerheads that can be easily replaced.
Thanks David Schlocker

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