Bath-O-Matic for a just-right dip

Your bath times have just gone more high-tech and pricey too with the Bath-O-Matic arriving in your bathroom. Coming from Unique Automation, it is actually a digital bath filler and is on display at ISE Europe in Amsterdam. By design, it lowers the motorized plug, fills up the bathtub to a predetermined temperature and depth, and can even add bubble bath and fragrances to the water. It also includes a motorized plug so no water is wasted, and adjusts to pressure and outside temperature

For contol, the Bath-O-Matic connects to AMX and Crestron systems (using RS-232 or TCP/IP) and has a touchscreen interface. There are a couple of options from the maker to adjust to your bath rooms and needs. So if you think you cannot do with this automatic system that helps you take a perfect dip, then float a check of $8,000 for it.