BioKnob – Biometric Door Lock

The BioKnob is essentially a biometric door lock shaped like an elegant doorknob. Giving you a whole new level of security and convenience, the lock is uses advanced technology to its best advantage. The center of the outside knob features a tiny sensor that registers the pattern of users’ thumb or fingerprint patterns. It can store up to a hundred impressions, so it pretty much covers the family and more. The setup is so simple that it requires no external wiring or computer; the small display and buttons do the needful without delay. Say goodbye to jangling keys, or the fear of losing them. You need not hide the duplicate key under the mat for junior or his girlfriend either. The knob fits all doors that normally accept doorknobs with latches and is extremely easy to install.

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“Advanced Technology Equals Extra Security”, the BioKnob costs $499.