Caboche Pendant Lamp is a mosaic of tiny orbs

Lamps are certainly fantastic pieces of home decor. They add that little bit of extra class to any setting in your home and often can captive and inspire your family or guests you have over for dinner. This dazzling Caboche pendant lamp made up of hundreds of transparent globes would look stunning hung low over the dining table. Offering light, it will also be the center of conversation! The 189 transparent polymethylmethacrylate balls multiply the brightness of the central lighting source and being arranged with a characteristic ring layout, they allow strong lighting reflected off the ceiling and directed on to the surface below.

A shade in white matt finish glass offers direct upward and downward light projection and diffusion throughout the space. Ideal for home or sophisticated, exclusive public places, this beautiful Caboche lamp is available in various sizes to suit your needs as well as budget. Designed by Patricia Urquiola & Eliana Gerotto and made in Italy, this medium-sized lamp is priced at $1,493 while the small and large versions are available for $708 and $2,580, respectively.

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