Catalina 61-inch Theater Spa for complete relaxation

Soaking in a hot tub bath scented with lavender oil is just the kind of rejuvenation that I could do with on my weekends. And maybe a TV in my bathroom to catch on with the weekend soaps and reality shows! But all this is I can only fantasize about. Who’s got the money to indulge in all this pampering? If you’ve got money flowing like water from tap then you must take a look at 61-inch Theater Spa from Catalina Spas. Since there is hardly any info on the company’s site, this is all that I could gather. It is BIG enough so that you can chill out with three other people in it. Various hi-tech options include a 12″ rising waterfall with fiber optic light decor, a vibrating pillow, a subwoofer, and many more features are inbuilt to offer optimum pleasure.

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No word on pricing…..that means that it will come with a haunting price tag!

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