Cheer-up With Color Therapie from Andre Keilani

Lift that chin from the floor, things could have been worse. It’s time to sit back and relax with a little bit of music and perfect lighting. Cheering you up is the Color Therapie Lamps that has been designed by Andre Keilani. The soothing colors and peaceful aura created by this lamp will relax you and take your mind off your worries. The color photons emitted create the perfect environment for a peaceful mind. So the next time you feel the ‘blues’ coming on just flick that switch and snap out of that frown! Each lamp includes an assortment of two color acetates. The lamp is a stretched PVC canvas on aluminum frame, with white lacquered steel fixture and a fluorescent 120V tube. The innovative colors exuded are: Cognac, Heat, Ice Cream, Make up, Aube, Gheisha, Lolita, Tikki, Absynthe, Glacier, Sea Sex & Sun, Speed, Tobacco, Desert.

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The Color Therapie from Andre Keilani retails for $1,099.