‘Cloud cover’ by Rogerseller!

Creating an ambience won’t be a taxing task for anyone who has the taste to create a good ambience. All the worries have ended as the very enchanting looking ‘Cloud cover’ showerhead comes into your lives…bathrooms. Cloud Cover is a unique flush-mounted ceiling shower system paving the way for innovative and contemporary shower recess design. Designed by Rogerseller (Lien Giang) and manufactured in Australia it’s just the thing you need to get for that spa-like experience. It can cover most of the ceiling space if you don’t have those spacious bathrooms as its 282 x 282 mm in size.

I think I would like to fix it in a not-so-big bathroom so it really looks as close to a real waterfall with water all around. It sprays fine jets of water while maintaining low water consumption that amounts to 9 liters per minute. Kudos to creativity with a good thought process.

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