Cosmo bathtub has a 17″ touch-sensitive LCD apart from other things!

The rich are born lucky and their lifestyle surely reinforces that belief in me. A very integral part of their elite lifestyle is their bathroom. If you wanna know how rich a man is, take a peek in his bathroom and save that jaw from dropping. ‘The Cosmo’, is another jaw-dropping, eye-popping bathtub that sports a 17″ remote-controlled touch-sensitive LCD. The guy is surely rich if this baby rests in his personal space. Di Vapor has developed a single person luxury TV bath mechanism that the rich guy can flaunt all thanks to loads of money stuffed away in that vault. ‘The Cosmo’ also has a touch-sensitive control panel, timed auto shut-off function for Jets, 7 Hydromassage jets, 9 bubble jets, 6 back massage jets, customized air massage, adjustable water jets, underwater light, fully programmable FM radio with memory function video input.

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Yeah all this is just about bathing. Remember the time, when it was just about standing under a shower that did not use such a rocket scienceish technique? And a price tag that reads $4500! The Cosmo is for real guys and so is the price!

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