Dagobert Throne Toilet by Herbeau Creations

If you just bought that big expensive house and are still furnishing the bathroom, stop and read this. You might want to add this to your list of extravagant household furnishings! A commode fit for royalty, Herbeau Creations presents the very retro – Dagobert Throne Toilet. Fitted with an ashtray, candle holder, a plaque, and a hand-painted bowl, this toilet was supposedly inspired by Dagobert, the last ruler of the 8th Century French Merovingian dynasty. Why this toilet was inspired by him is beyond me. Maybe be liked to smoke and poo in the dark? Constructed entirely from ash wood and decorated with hand-painted Moustier Polychrome designs the toilet has three layers of polyurethane coating. A tug on the pull chain activates the flush, accompanied by the ringing of a bell. Do you think that’s strange? Well, that’s not where it ends. The musical chime “Le Bon Roi Dagobert” (- a song about a king who arrived at the minister’s council with his trousers on backward) begins playing as the lid is raised!

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To top it all of it comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturers and can be purchased for the royal sum of $9874. Too extravagant for something you plonk your bums on? You don’t say!

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