Di Vapor Sahara – a stylish modern infrared sauna

Whether its health reasons or simply for relaxation, Di Vapor’s newest product called the Sahara is the uber choice for the sauna. Using the safe radiant energy of far infrared rays, like the sun’s soothing warmth, this modernly styled infrared sauna combines Finnish fir with tempered safety glass. This two-seater home sauna installs just by plugging it into the wall and does not require any assistance from a plumber or carpenter. With a built-in programmable radio and speaker, you can detoxify while relaxing to music. You can also connect to an external audio device such as your iPod, MP3 player, or CD player to listen to your favorite music. Apart from all these perks, it’s the Far Infrared Wavelength that this high-tech sauna emits actually does the wonders.

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Traditional saunas work by putting ladles of water onto hot stones on a stove, inducing steam, therefore, heat the air, which heats the air of the sauna to high temperatures. But Far infrared Saunas work by heating the body directly, therefore the air temperature isn’t nearly as warm or stifling as a traditional sauna. This efficient sauna bathing method can induce sweating of up to 3 times as much as a traditional sauna and will expel many toxins that are harmful to the body. And it’s for all this that you’ll also be loosing out £1495 ($3,000)……..original price being £3000. Considering this, it’s a great bargain!

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