Dimension One Spas offers AquaFit 19 Dual Temp for $40,000

If only I had bought that lottery ticket that boasted of a $40,000 jackpot……..if only I had won it too! But since IF is a part of my sentence, it’s clear that I am not rich by forty thousand bucks. So instead of getting myself fitter on this AquaFit 19 Dual Temp, I can only write about it. Coming from Dimension One Spas, it allows users to have a full, underwater cardiovascular workout by using the included rower, tricep pull-down, and simulated jogger or swimming facilities. It features two different temperature-controlled areas, each with its own filtration system. On the fitness side, you can swim stationary laps for a full-body workout, row to build your upper body and arms, or run or jog underwater in place for a cardiovascular workout. On the hydrotherapy side, you can relax your muscles pre or post-workout. Ouch, it hurts to realize that all this is only for the uber-rich folks. I think I’ll log off now and go for a dip in the pool followed by a steaming session in the local club.

At least I won’t be sulking once I return.