Duvarit toilets- an edge with a difference

Dimensions or architectural constraints shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to creativity in bathrooms. No matter what the bathroom layout or the design problem; the incredibly wide range of Duravit products offers plenty of scopes for everyone to put together the bathroom of their dreams and find their individual, personal style. To defy the usual trends is well thought-out to be a fashion statement; be it your clothes, watches, room décor, or even your toilets. The toilet is the only cloak-and-dagger place where you can be with your thoughts by yourself and Duravit lets you indulge further. Duravit Toilets have an angular design that gives them a more contemporary look. They have versions with sleek, narrow tanks and others where the cistern is hidden in the wall, so all you see is the square-shaped bowl, which floats a couple of inches above the floor.

Prices range from $1,555 onwards. Designers of international renowned, eminent authorities in the field of bathroom aesthetics, work for Duravit. As a consequence Duravit products comply with the highest demands on shapes, colours and functions. Therefore, they are consistently successful among international design award juries.

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