Ecco Sharade by Fornara maulini offers a perfect rain in your own shower

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of getting drenched in the rain? It is suitable for every mood be it happy, sad, angry, reflective, you name it. However, it is really hard to create this setting unless Mother Nature is on your side. Well, not anymore. Fornara Maulini has come out shower heads made for just this purpose. They are gigantic and are called Ecco Sharade. Now you can have a cloud right in your bathroom, how cool is that. Also, you can pick any shape and size that you what which ranges from triangular, square, rectangular and round. And these shower heads have their own number of anti-scale nozzles.

Just looking at the pictures of what Ecco Sharade looks like makes me want to own one. Put on some background thunder sounds and you’ll have your perfect storm right there.

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