Enjoy a spa experience at home with a luxury sunken bathtub from Blubleu

Please leave it to the Italians to make even bathing stylish! Italian company Blubleu has introduced a new range of sunken bathtub designs in three magnificent designs called the Alise, Thais, and Jodi, which are available in various shapes to fit bathrooms of any size. These bathtubs have a range of spa-like features like air jets and an Ozone system, which helps blood circulation, skin health, and color therapy.

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The Thais drop-in bathtub is a deep square-shaped bathtub best suited for a rather spacious bathroom. The Alise sunken bathtub is round-shaped and can be placed in the center of your bath room. The Jodi designs are drop-in bathtubs best suited for a wall side installation for an economic usage of relatively smaller bathroom space.

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