Etoile thermostatic shower column offers chroma therapy and hydro massage

Now-a-days, shower heads and columns are no longer just that, shower heads and cubicles. These bathroom fittings have acquired multiple functions offering their modern users an array of features to choose from. The Etoile thermostatic shower column by Hafro is one such modern shower that promises to spoil its user with its many features. This modern bathroom fitting offers a variety of treatments to its user. The shower column also features a radio that is sure to appeal to every bathroom singer. The column offers a head shower with chroma therapy controlled by a digital display, a hand shower, a trio of hydro massage jets and two holding shelves. The chic shower column comes in glossy white, grey and white/grey lacquer, or in red, lilac or anthracite opaque finishes and is available in three sizes for wall and tub installation, and Etoile 55 can even be integrated into your existing mixer.

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This stylish shower column with its amazing design and features is a must have bathroom accessory. For more info click here