Etrusca’s jewelry-like bathroom accessories for a gilded bath time

Allowing you to take your love for exquisite décor and interior fittings to your bathroom is Etrusca who has come up with fancy bathroom accessories that will turn your bathroom into your own little showroom of beautiful art. The jewelry-like bathroom accessories will surely leave the occupant in awe. So open your bathing space to the birds and the blooms of this unique collection and watch them bathe your bathroom in a whole new glow. The various bathroom accessories include coordinating towel racks, paper roll holders, soap dishes, and many more items. The unique butterfly designs are available in a variety of bright colors and feature beautiful gold accents. The many wonderful accessories are also available in brushed and polished gold sun motif.

So go ahead and don your creative cap and mix and match the various designs to create a wonderful theme in your bathroom or stick to one theme. No matter which collection you choose, you can count on a splendid end result. To know more click here.

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