Experience the rain, light and scents of nature with the Dornbracht Sensory Sky shower

Taking a shower is almost always the most relaxing ritual after a busy day. With the Sensory sky, that could be all the time. This innovative shower fixture brings the beauty of nature to the confinement of your bathroom and to your enjoyment as and when you please. The shower allows you to choose a form of water as experienced in nature – from a light rain, to a heavy storm or a foggy mist. To added light fixtures give your bath the desired effects. To complete the experience, the scent feature also adds a fragrance using natural oils and balms to compliment the setting. The fixture comes installed with three main choreographed experiences that use the light, fragrance and water pressures in a combination to help you relax and reenergize; though changing your shower experience to fit you moods has never been easier with the digital controls that are at a handy reach. The fixture comes with a flat overhead rain panel that has a separate head sprinkler, body sprinkler and rain curtain, a cold-water fog nozzle along with the digital controls and the light and fragrance functions.

sensory-sky-3The Sensory Sky is developed by Dornbracht, a German family run company that create bathroom and kitchen fixtures and accessories. Their projects are of superior quality and use the most modern technology and innovations to create the most convenient products associated with a high standard of living.

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