Falper’s New Bathtub Collection

This is exotic ceramic collection. I have always dreamt of a wonder wachroom by an open space, divided by a glass wall. The Falper bathtub collection proves on to your bathing demands. It has a built-in and semi-build-in models and a freestanding version, which can be completed with corner cabinets. The floor-standing furniture elements together with the new double wash place unit bring additional warmth and character into the bathroom. The bathtub is made of Cristalplant (solid surface) with satin opaque effect on the surface and with its typical hygienic and specific usage resistance features.

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The designer Michael Schmidt comment on his model is: “We have a new addition to the SHAPE range. Like the furniture program launched in 2007, the new bathtub series is characterized by strong, clear lines on the outside, while the tub itself seems to float softly, like a hollowed-out rock in a river.“

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