Finestra from Jacuzzi brings spa at home

Many people (including myself) believe that bathing is an experience, not just a routine. It’s time you also take the routine out of your bathroom and replace it with Finestra Whirlpool Bath. Who wouldn’t welcome an invigorating dip after a stressful day? Jacuzzi’s first-ever walk-in bath is nothing but pure indulgence. Offered as 60″x30″ or 60″x36″ tub sizes, the Finestra is available with jetted whirlpool action as a traditional soaker tub, PureAir tub or the Salon Spa tub that boasts both the whirlpool jets and the air-bath system. If you want to opt for more than just a soak, you can go for mood lighting, touchpad controls and an in-line heating system.

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The door seals securely and integrates seamlessly into the overall bath design with the hardware completely concealed. There’s also an interior seat and a handrail. Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom for $8300 and more.