Giovannoni Washlet: A hi-tech toilet

Redefining the purpose of a toilet and giving it an uber-luxe, hi-tech status is TOTO and Stefano Giovannoni. The two have teamed up to give luxury lovers the most hi-tech toilet ever. Dubbed the Giovannoni Washlet, it boasts of features like a tornado flush, triple-jet rimless flushing system, and CeFiONtect – hygienic glazing for ceramic surfaces. But that is not all. The Giovannoni Washlet also has a self-cleaning washing wand, a heated seat, a deodorizer, and remote control. Yes, you heard that right, remote control to control all these functions. The sleek remote stand also functions as the toilet paper roll holder.

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As for the price, it is sure to be extraordinary. A seat for the Royal flush, literally, it is definitely not for the commoners.