Hego’s I.WO combination shower head lets you soak under waterfall too

Italian bathroom brand, Hego is all set to redefine luxurious bathroom fittings. Their newest offering of combination shower heads christened, I.WO (an acronym of “In Wonderland) is functional piece of bathroom art. The unique showerhead offers features varying from a regular shower to a luxurious waterfall experience. What is more, the showerhead also functions as shelf for your shampoo or other toiletries. The unique shape and stainless steel high-polished finish make this shower head a great addition for any luxurious bathroom. The flow of water (waterfall or regular shower) is controlled via two discreet wheels. This chic and stylish showerhead that doubles as a shelf is ideal for modern bathrooms that are short on space as well.

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An electronic model dubbed, I.WO.e is also available. For more info click here.