Hidrobox Zenith Circle Showerhead is trendy and stylish

There are plenty of showerheads and shower panel systems offering a variety of features and functions. But for those who seek the style when it comes to bathroom fittings, a look at the Hidrobox Zenith Circle Showerhead is definitely a must. This unique showerhead distributed exclusively by Aquaplus Solutions is definitely in a league of its own. The ‘Zenith’ showerhead also has a chromotherapy lighting option, perfect for those looking for a spa experience in their own home. A luxurious showerhead, it is available in three chic forms- Circle, Oval, and Quadra. Available in plain white or several colors, this shower head is sure to add some style to your bathrooms.

Exquisite and expensive, the white shower head is priced at £2,435.00 ($3995) while the color ones are priced at £2,695.00 ($4422).

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