Hidrobox Zenith Circle Showerhead is trendy and stylish

There are plenty of showerheads and shower panel systems offering a variety of features and functions. But for those who seek the style when it comes to bathroom fittings, a look at the Hidrobox Zenith Circle Showerhead is definitely a must. This unique showerhead distributed exclusively by Aquaplus Solutions is definitely in a league of its own. The ‘Zenith’ showerhead also has a chromotherapy lighting option, perfect for those looking for a spa experience in their own home. A luxurious showerhead, it is available in three chic forms- Circle, Oval, and Quadra. Available in plain white or several colors, this shower head is sure to add some style to your bathrooms.

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Exquisite and expensive, the white shower head is priced at £2,435.00 ($3995) while the color ones are priced at £2,695.00 ($4422).

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