Kohler C3 Toilet Seat Bidet with remote for Hi-tech cleaning!

The Kohler C3 Toilet Seat Bidet with remote is a good thing for there will be a time when toilet papers will be extinct as trees near extinction. You cannot go all around with an unclean butt and all that unfinished business. Kohler cares, and so they have a permanent solution to this foreseen problem. Kohler’s bidet technology is built into a toilet seat that attaches to your existing toilet. What you get is a temperature controlled, aromatic cleansing that almost eliminates the need for toilet paper. Japan has already had its turn and very soon its the Americans who will have a gala time getting themselves cleaned in a way that toilet paper could never achieve. What with, front and back spray, deodorizing fan, cool blue LED lights to give you a night-time landing strip, and a blower that dries you off with warm air.

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And all you gotta do is sit and handle the cleansing ceremony with the help of the remote. This cleanising ceremony of sorts will cost you a stomach aching $950. Need to go to the cloak room?