Lather up in the open with Viteo Outdoor Garden Shower

Okay, here is something I wouldn’t buy. What is it you ask because I would buy almost anything given the choice? Viteo Outdoor Garden Shower. This crazy thing lets you clean yourself out in the open under the eyes of neighbors, strangers, whoever. It seems like the perfect machine for attention seekers. You cannot get more attention than from showering under the wide-open sky. It uses a UV resistant, non-slip plastic foot panel that starts up by sensing your body weight. As soon as it turns on, you are treated with jets of water that spring up and then cascade down to clean and cool you off. It seems more like a fountain than a shower to me.

Viteo Outdoor Garden Shower is available for $1,154. I was wondering, why not just soap up and use a water hose? Seems like a cheaper option.

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