Let there be light from beneath with the rare $80,000 Table Lamp

Some art forms are a difficult to explain, but that doesn’t mean there are less alluring or creative or aspiring. Perhaps this is exactly what makes the designs selected by MOMA – that’s The Museum of Modern Art, for those not in the know — so special. Not only are these design rare, as only few odd pieces are made, but also exquisite in their presentation. Just like the lamp in the picture here. Called the T-1-B table lamp and designed by Joseph Burnett for Heifetz, it winning streak is the stunning foreplay of painted steel, brass & paper/foil shade. Priced at an awesome $80,000, this one of its kind design lighting leaves your guests in raptures, even when it’s switched off! Little wonder, it’s got its own dedicated Facebook page too, just like MOMA!

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Talk about artistic outreach!