Luxurious bathroom products

Yes, this is another article about another set of cool bathroom furnishings. This time it’s the Vision Washbasin and Arne Bathtub by Rapsel – both of which are clearly concept-driven and have a high design impact. Futuristic forms exemplify this modern bathroom furniture presented by the leading Italian company. The Arne bathtub has a retrospective edge, a tribute to the 1960’s chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen. With a distinctive and supportive backrest feature, the bathtub is made entirely from titanic resin; an inviting and iconic item to add to your bathroom. The Vision washbasin is likewise bound to captivate your guests, who will be fascinated by the crinkled paper effect of the entire body of the vanity, whether you choose a round or oval shape.

Light shines through from within (anyone picturing the heavens here?), highlighting the unique material of the vanity and allowing it to function as a welcoming nightlight feature. If cutting edge modern design with true originality is your priority, contact Rapsel for more information on their unusual bathroom products.