Luxury Steam Shower from Aquapeutics for daily spa indulgence

During this difficult time of economic crisis, even billionaires are thinking twice before they spend any money. So here is a great way to help such billionaires trying to save some of their moolah. Instead of spending millions on a visit to some exotic spa retreat, why not have your very own bathroom with exquisite fittings that promise to give you the same pampering? It would definitely cut down the costs without coming in the way of your pampering. And the perfect bathroom fitting that meets such standards is the luxury steam shower from Aquapeutics. This exquisite system features 6 acupuncture massage jets, 6 adjustable water jets, and 8 smaller water jets that will surely relax and rejuvenate you. And if that’s not enough, the system even boasts some luxurious and entertainment like a waterproof touch screen television and a radio with MP3 compatible input.

With additional pampering that includes a 4.5KW steam generator and a foot massage device, you will definitely never miss your spa! So sit back and relax as you control almost everything with a touchpad panel and pamper yourself with a luxury bath every day.
Priced at $4300 (excluding installation), this is definitely a good way for billionaires to save money without compromising on their luxurious lifestyles.

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