Marti unveils the futuristic Niagara faucet

Given the variety of faucets that are available in the market, one is definitely spoilt for choice. How does one choose from the many designs and materials that faucets are available in these days? However, if you want to be different, we suggest instead of opting for sleek metal faucets or even the gold plated ones, you go for the futuristic faucet from Spanish company Marti. Christened the Niagara faucet, this faucet is completely transparent and features LED lights. Besides bathing the faucet in a unique glow, the LED also indicates the water’s temperature. The energy-efficient LED’s consume deficient energy and help reduce the risk of scalding as the change in color indicates the water’s temperature. The futuristic transparent faucet with LED is sure to give your bathroom the high-tech touch.

And watching the water flow from this transparent faucet is sure to make for a dazzling sight. The crystal clear faucet is also available in a frosted finish. For more information, click here.

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