Milky Way Chandelier for $ 112k

The Milky Way is evidently known to everyone. But what isn’t known equally marked is its titanic and extremely striking manifestation by designer Andree Putman. It is manufactured by none other than the reputed Swarovski, Austria. This chandelier called, ( should I say rightly called) the milky way, is one hell of an illuminant with six halogen bulbs, each at 35 watts (220 v), white LED lights and totals at 600 watts. It is made of a fiberglass dome with crystal-studded fabric over it. On the underside covered in a Swarovski crystal mosaic chrome-plated canopy with steel support cables. This chandelier is a unique piece, to date. It was first presented at the Swarovski Crystal Palace exhibition during the Salone del Mobile furniture fair 2005, and subsequently exhibited during Art Basel Miami Beach, December 2005.

Now what makes this really big? Well there are two factors, one being its size and the other being its value. It stands tall at a height of 50″, wide with diameter 78.75″ and heavy, weighing 450 lbs. It is priced (can’t say rightly or not) for $112,000.00. But then it’s not just any other chandelier, it’s the very celestial and grand ‘Milky Way chandelier’. And it’s up for grabs.

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