mPulse by Sunlighten: Line of high-tech infrared saunas

If a hi-tech sauna is just what you have been longing for, then your wait is finally over. The mPulse line of infrared saunas by Sunlighten is more than just a mere sweat room to help you lose weight. These unique saunas measure your heart rate as well as calories burnt allowing you to chart your progress and share it with other online community members as well if you please. Each sauna has been constructed from tongue-and-groove Canadian cedar, basswood or teak and features tempered-glass windows and doors. On the inside, this sauna features a seven-inch touch screen and a floating bench with adjustable backrests. Recessed lights create for the perfect ambience while near- mid- and far-infrared means you can customize the heat. A heated floor raises the temperature from the ground up. What is more, the infrared saunas provide entertainment via various options such as AM/FM radio and CD player, sound and vibration therapy, and chromotherapy lighting.

The perfect sauna for the hi-tech junkies, it is definitely the best way to lose weight. For more info on these saunas you can click here.

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