Neptune’s Neptuner Bathtub turns itself into a giant speaker

Neptune’s mission is to offer the ultimate expression in the art of bathrooms. Montreal-based bath furniture maker, Neptune’s line of bathtubs brings a new level of comfort and elegance to your bathroom. They created the NEPTUNER, an advanced audio technology giving life to an invisible surround sound system enabling your favorite music to follow you into the water. The water “amplifies and enhances” the music. By using powerful acoustic transducers (handling 200W) the Neptuner sends sounds waves through the bath’s shell turning it into one huge speaker. This feature can be plugged into an audio/video system, and you can enjoy listening to your favorite CD, MP3, or DVD amplified by the power of water conductivity.

The audio technology can be applied to any of the company’s bathtubs, so you could have the spa works at home, including hydro-massage and aromatherapy in tune with your favorite music. Hearing is believing……

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