Neptune’s Reclining Bath Lift packs a whole lot of convenient features

Who doesn’t love a hot relaxing bath after a long stressful day at work or at the mall or home? The Neptune Reclining Bath Lift capitalises on this and takes bathing to a whole new level. This bath lift is pretty novel as it gradually reclines you into a comfortable position after securely lowering you into the bathtub. A feature that will be appreciated by all tall people is that the lift provides ample legroom. I’ve heard that cleaning the standard run of the mill lifts can be a real pain, but this one won’t trap any dirty water. Also, gone are the days when you had to struggle with the suction feet as Neptune’s sucker-release handle makes it a breeze.

I’m definitely sold on Neptune’s Reclining Bath Lift, since I love my baths and this seems to only make them better. However, before I go run the water and read the salts, I need to check if I have $1,049 on me(highly doubtful). But those of you who do have it, go on and indulge yourself in a truly relaxing bathing experience.