Now Have a Spa In Your Shower

Don’t you ever wish that your monthly visits to the spa could happen more often? Just imagine starting your days with a nice refreshing spa treatment and returning home to another spa therapy to relax those tense muscles after a hard day’s work. It’s no longer an item on your wish list people; you can have the daily spa treatment at your very own home. Just Check out the all-new Vedana Shower Spa System from Bain Ultra that lets you enjoy five different spa therapies. The Vedana offers terrific therapeutic benefits, with proven technologies like Chroma therapy, sound and light therapy, aromatherapy, as well as Bain Ultra’s high-performance Thermotherapy systems. Chose your favorite from four different color options available and enjoy a soothing treatment daily.

The different treatments are sure to enhance your mental as well as physical well being. So don’t be surprised if you are caught smiling a lot. Contact Bain Ultra for more information on this luxury spa. Go ahead pamper yourself.

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