Nu-Ovo home pod creates a private space anywhere in your house

Life in pod is often overrated. I mean there is pod shaped everything! A dog bed, a fish house, chairs, game rigs, houses, beds, 3D simulation rooms and what not. Now there is yet another pod shaped dwelling that you can think of buying. Called as the Nu-Ovo by Tissettanta, the pod is actually a mobile home pod solution that can give you personal space anywhere you wish. Make it lounge room, office or reading library, anything that you need at all. But the best feature is that you can even convert it into a poolside bed or even an outdoor shower enclosure. Let your imagination go wild. For details, click here.
Update – Just the Nu-Ovo structure comes for Euro 7,700 ($10,200) while the water proof cover (pivoting segments) will add on another Euro 2,020 ($2,700). And if you need a lace covering then shell out Euro 1,260 ($1,700). The 270° seating system with wooden structure and different density polyurethane upholstery will set you back for 1,560 ($2,100).


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