Ocean Wave and Ocean Wing bathtubs captivate with unique shapes

The bathroom is all about relaxing and having fun with water. Almost like a beach without the salty winds or the sandy grime. If you want to recreate the magic of the ocean in your bathroom, then Swiss company Bagno Sasso is out with a new prototype of bathtubs. Designed by Manuel Dreesmann, the Ocean wing and Ocean wave can fit perfectly into any modern bath lounge. The bathtubs are crafted using Corian, making “organic and dramatic forms possible.”

The Ocean Wave that measures 3000 x 1500 x 780mm is elegant and grand, best placed at the center of your bathroom. The 2250 x 1000 x 750mm Ocean Wing is set in wood on the outside and the warm and hygienic corian in the inside, making the tub comfortable yet elegant. Prices are available on request.
Thanks Manuel Dreesmann

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