Old World Bathtub and Veneto Pedestal sink: Masterpieces of functional stone art

The Stone Age is a thing of the past, but many luxury lovers still swear by stone art when it comes to luxury. The earthy material can do wonders to your décor. Don’t believe us? Here is a look at some of the most exquisite bathroom fittings made entirely in stone. Product of Stone Forest, the Old World Bathtub, and the unique Veneto Pedestal sink are functional pieces of stone art. The beautiful bathtub that draws its inspiration from ancient Roman baths is carved from a solid block of marble and features unique veining and the natural colors of the distinctive stone. Hand-carved using a chisel and hammer, one of the most distinctive features of this stone collection is that no two pieces are alike. The majestic customized tub weighs a massive 1500 pounds and can easily hold 500 pounds of water, allowing the users to soak themselves in 17 inches of warm water.

The Veneto Pedestal sink, on the other hand, is inspired by classic Italian design and features barrel-shaped vessels that are perfectly carved from single blocks of multi-color onyx. What is more, each of the unique vessels is equipped with a cavity in the back that can accommodate a light source to enhance the stone structures’ beauty.
Truly marvelous, these beautiful bathroom fittings made from the stone will redefine your bathing space. The customized Old World Bathtub prices start at $18,000, while the Veneto Pedestal sink is priced at $6,800.

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