Ondine’s ESS-Tub electronic faucets

I really enjoy taking long baths in my bathtub. But the bane of drawing the perfect temperature of the water is a bit too much for me to handle, hence I don’t indulge in them too much. Looks like Ondine is offering a handy solution for people like me. Their ESS-Tub electronic faucets can automatically fill the tub to a preset level and their push-button temperature controls automatically adjust the mix of hot and cold water to ensure the perfect bath. The Re-Fill option can be used to refill the tub with more hot water in case it cools down too much mid-soak. So now you can lay back and relax in your perfect bath.

In essence, with the bath controls, you can also choose from a half-full tub, a completely full tub, and a 10-second refill. This way the technology does the monitoring (lest the tub overspills) for you leaving you plenty of time for your pre-bath preparations. If you get an optional audio system, you can also control music with the same touchpad. How cool is that! It thinks it time to upgrade to Ondine’s ESS-Tub electronic faucets!

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