Onyx Granite vessel sink from Artesian Sinks

When you enter a bathroom the most eye-catching fixture in it is the sink. With the numerous varieties available these days, you always feel tempted to remodel and fix in the latest one. From all the materials available natural stone is probably the most durable and stylish. Now a day you have the option of choosing between the conventional sunk-in sink and the counter-top. Both look nice, but for a trendier look people opt for the counter-top vessel sink. The Onyx Granite vessel sinks from Artesian Sinks is one such sink that promises to add that dash of glamour to your bathroom. Available in a variety of colors, these sinks are handcrafted to perfection. The inside is polished to a smooth sheen while the outside retains the look and feel of natural, rough-cut stone. The general idea of the vessel sink is to look dramatic and this sink is that and more.

Available from Modern Danish, the Onyx Granite vessel sink from Artesian Sinks costs $270.

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