Outdoor PalmShower is irresistible for iPhone/iPad users

An outdoor shower always enhances the pool-side look, providing a focal point to the area outside. The PalmShower is a unique outdoor design concept that is contemporary and eye-catching. Apple users can jump with joy under this elegant shower as it can be controlled from any iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. The leaves conceal a complex system of misting, showering, and LED lighting adjustable to different situations. The resin and polyester structure is complete with plumbing and electricity. The motorized system allows the leaves to be folded along the trunk, optimizing resistance to poor weather conditions.

The PalmShower socket includes a tub to receive water and a nonskid surface as well as LED spotlights.
The PalmShower by Dometti would cost up to $19,000; however the prices could vary with selected options.

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