Peter Jamieson creates bullet-proof bathroom tiles

While a bullet proof tub will protect you while you bathe, what will happen when you step out of it? For all you folks who live in constant fear for your life, a bulletproof tub is not enough; what you need is a bulletproof bathroom. And understanding your need for security while you freshen up for the day is Peter Jamieson, who has created the ultimate bathroom protection gear- mirror-backed glass tiles. This series of glass tiles are made from the same material used to construct and build fish, shark, and even whale tanks. Yes, that’s how strong and sturdy these tiles are. Beveled edges make these blocks safe for home use, and their high level of clarity will make them a favorite with narcissists. Another advantage is that they slot easily into an existing design framework.

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With a wall made of this unbreakable glass you can definitely spend hours in the bathroom without getting anxious over your safety. So go ahead and install these tiles in your bathroom if you think the whole world is out to get you.