Plano Acquario is a shower with a built-in aquarium by Cesana

I love water, the vastness of a blue ocean, the fun-filled sandy beaches, the soothing riverside fishing trips, so many memories! And Cesana is gunning to bring the aquarium to your bathroom with the Plano Acquario Shower with a built-in aquarium. Designed by Giulio Gianturco and Mario Tessarollo, the shower spots translucent-glass walls with light fittings that let you see clearly and enjoy privacy just the same. The highlight of the shower is the illuminated aquarium that can be seen through the shower walls, that can be seem both on the inside and outside as well.

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If fishes are not what you like in your shower, you can customise the wall as a greenhouse, a shelf, a TV or any other thing that you want in your ideal bathroom to be. Check out the Cesana website for more details.