Private Wellness Line by Gessi: the best in luxury baths

If you have the money then why not indulge in the ultimate luxury products to spoil yourself. The latest product to help you pamper your body is the all-new luxury shower by Gessi. Known as the Private Wellness Line, it guarantees to give you the most relaxing and luxurious bath ever. Featuring a hydro-massage system and fixed or changing chroma therapy lights, the square showerheads come in three different sizes including 80x80cm, 50x50cm, and 35x35cm. That’s not all; this luxury shower lets you select the style in which you want to shower, with options varying from rainfall, water blades, and atomization. So enjoy a nice waterfall or a light drizzle, and experience all different weather conditions in your very own bath! Just combine the wall-mounted spouts and adjustable wall-mounted mini showers to create your ideal environment.

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This shower with its amazing lights and water system guarantees to give you a rocking time in your bathroom. So just relax and feel refreshed and look forward to luxury baths thanks to Gessi.

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