Rapabad introduces Qvalis Bathtub with has a floating appearance

Repabad has taken up the challenge of revamping the customary tub design with a fresh approach. They have decided to go for supporting braces of different materials which will give an illusion that the bathtub is floating in mid-air. Repabad has taken complete care of minute details so that you can have a luxurious peaceful bath. They have located the tap centrally to avoid any hindrance with your relaxation. There is a coordinating headrest to keep you comfortable. To have a perfect dip in the tub, Repabad has built the Ovalis with generous proportions

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The dimensions are 185 x 95 x 46cm, with a base length of 135cm which lets you add up to 170 litres of water. Also you can have your choice of braces which are available in glass or wood.