Roca Active & Relax Bathroom: A luxurious high-tech bath area of the future

Here is a luxurious option you definitely cannot resist for those who like to make the most of their space. The Roca Active & Relax Bathroom is a unique bathroom that can double up as a room. The luxurious room includes a sunken bath that is hidden under the floorboards. Moreover, windows are replaced by 3 floor-to-ceiling LCDs that give you the illusion of a panoramic view. The screens can also be connected to your PC, allowing you to relax and watch your favorite movie as you bathe. The bathroom also includes a beautiful rainfall shower feature! The Roca Active & Relax Bathroom, with its hidden sunken bath, add more than one function to a room. Use the space as a gym when you are not bathing or turning this room into an entertainment haven. Simply amazing, this plush bathroom will surely appeal to every luxury lover.

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A luxurious hi-tech solution to space woes, this bathroom promises to relax and rejuvenate you in the most unique way.

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