Sabbia unveils Swarovski-studded bathtub to soak and shine

If Swarovski hasn’t graced your bathing area yet, then you can pick something classy now, as the crystal giants team up with luxury brand Sabbia to come up with an elegantly “bejeweled velvety soaker”. The crystal encrusted bath tubs feature 4030 hand set Swarovski crystals “curvaceous floral pattern”, that can add the right glamour to your in-home spa. The tub itself is crafted with Sandstone technology, which is eco-friendly and organic. While availability and pricing details are yet to be divulged, you can get a sneak peak at the House Shopping Park in Brasilia from 17th to the 28th November after which the tubs will go on display to Rio and Sao Paulo. For more details on the bathtub, click here.

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