Safari Switchplates

This one is for all my friends who are wildlife enthusiasts! These safari-inspired Switchplates adorn your walls to give them a touch of their wilderness. Safari Switchplates are an excellent way to accessorize any room of your home. A handcrafted, hand painted resin Giraffe Switchplate features raised giraffes on black background. Another endearing Elephant one reminds you to turn out the lights. Hand painted, exotic Zebra Switchplates, handcrafted from resin, work well with any nature or exotic themed decor. Accents feature the lone steed of Africa ever watchful for danger. Irregular shapes follow the animal’s contours.

D_X412-001.jpg Ceramic African Nights Switchplates have glaze over hand-screened, hand painted hunters and animals on rust and green ground. A whole lot of jungle to choose from; you can indulge in the Discovery channel ambiance. The double or single switchplates are available from Touch of Class for $15 onwards.

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