Sauna at home made possible by Polisem

You can go back to the times when Rome ruled the world as far as regal style and aesthetic sensuousness of bathing luxuries was concerned. The Polisem Katharsys can soothe every nerve on your being with the splendor of luxury bathing elements like soothing aromas, warmth the bliss of music, and a great show of tantalizing lights in color. To make it plainer, this isn’t a luxury suite of a five-star hotel, but can actually be bought home. You can avail of the many facilities available in this one including a steam bath, Roman bath, a thermal bath, and a brilliant perfumed emotional shower.

The sauna can accommodate you and a partner. The bliss of the comfort oozing from the Katharsys sauna, mingled with the health benefits is a huge add-on to the value of this one.