Seaside by Teuco – a Sumptuous Indoor Spa

Italy is world-known for the rejuvenating effects of its thermal spas. Beauty treatments, massages, leisure activities, and world-class menus are usually included in the Italian spa experience. Italian Spa maestros Teuco has been evolving, innovating and researching the best ways to harness the energy of water for the benefit of people and their well-being. Seaside from Teuco brings the natural world into your home. Unconstrained by conventional bathroom concepts, the Seaside bathtub becomes a part of the furnishing, a place for relaxation to be shared and enjoyed. Linear and sophisticated at one and the same time, the design of the Seaside tub reinterprets and enhances living space, creating a permanently tangible thrill.

The clean lines and alluring highlights, the waterfall and soft cushions, the refined materials and colours; everything is designed to create a dreamy atmosphere and natural sensations. A thin shaft of light runs around the entire perimeter of the tub, suggesting weightlessness. Water cascades from an illuminated waterfall extending fully along one side of the tub that in turn magically reflects the light in the turbulence generated by the blower jets. The bathing side of the tub, reminiscent of a bank or shore-line, rises gently to a platform with comfortable cushions inviting rest and relaxation. Images of tropical islands, Mediterranean beaches, the ideal places for chilling out and looking after mind and body conjure up. It measures 2150mm X 2000mm and holds 680 litres.

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